Happy birthday Cleveland: Answers to Cleveland’s 225th birthday quiz

Yesterday, we tested your knowledge of Cleveland history to mark the city’s 225th birthday with a quiz. Here are the answers.

1. What shape is Shaker Square? C: A rounded square of roads inside an octagon of buildings.

2: Who were the first permanent settlers of the Flats? B: Lorenzo and Rebecca Carter, who settled in the Flats after the surveyors left.

3. What was John P. Green’s cause of death? A: Getting hit by a car. At 95, he was still a practicing lawyer, Ohio’s oldest at the time.

4. Who was the Hope Memorial Bridge named for? B: Bob Hope’s father, William Henry Hope, who helped carve the Guardians of Traffic.

5. Who was the Jim Thome buried in Monroe Street Cemetery? D: An abolitionist minister, Rev. James A. Thome of First Congregational Church.

6. Who was Hazel Mountain Walker? D: All of the above. She was Cleveland’s first Black female principal, a Cleveland Law grad, and an actress credited with naming Karamu House. She was also a state school board member and the widow in turn of two different Walkers.

7. What was Chef Boyardee’s real name? C. Ettore Boiardi.

8. Which is the only community bordering both Cleveland and the Cuyahoga County line? A: Euclid.

9. Which stars were not born in Greater Cleveland? A: Bob Hope and Tom Hanks, though they spent time here later.

10. Which comic strip was not created by locals? Answer: B. Batman.

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Grant Segall is a national-prizewinning journalist who spent 44 years at daily papers, mostly The Plain Dealer. He has freelanced for The Washington Post, Oxford University Press, Time, The Daily Beast, and many other outlets.