Answers to our 2022 Cleveland Guardians quiz

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Here are the answers to our Cleveland Guardians baseball trivia quiz:

1: What other nicknames have the Guardians had?
D: Indians, Naps, Blues, Bluebirds, Bronchos, Broncos, and Lake Shores. The Spiders and Buckeyes were different teams.

2: Which ballfield hasn’t been the Guardians’ home?
B: First Energy Stadium, which replaced Municipal Stadium.

3: How was Ray Chapman fatally injured?
A: He was beaned by a notorious Yankees headhunter (the incident is also the topic of the Cleveland International Film Festival entry “War on the Diamond”).

4: Which didn’t Bob Feller do?
C: Win a World Series game.

5: Which didn’t Larry Doby do?
D: Be named the American League’s most valuable player.

6: What didn’t Jim “Mudcat” Grant do?
C: Become the first Black player to earn a World Series win. He was the first from the American League, but the National League’s Joe Black preceded him.

7: In Frank Robinson’s 1975 debut as Major League Baseball’s first Black manager, he did what?
A: Homered in the first. Cleveland starter Gaylord Perry went the distance.

8: How many fans attended Len Barker’s perfect game on the damp, chilly night of May 15, 1971?
A: 7,290, though many more later claimed to have been there.

9: What Cleveland player was known as Mr. Freeze for smashing a clubhouse thermostat?
D: Albert Belle.

10: Cleveland is the only major league team to do what?
B: Lose two World Series in extra innings of the seventh game. The New York Giants and Atlanta Braves have each lost two extra-inning Series finales, but two of series were shorter than seven games and one longer, thanks to a tie. Cleveland has done all the things in the other multiple choices, but other teams have done them too. The Twins, for instance, have lost their last 18 playoff games.

11: Cleveland beat the hated Yankees in a 2007 playoff game with help from:
C: Midges, which pestered Yankee reliever Joba Chamberlain.

12. What Clevelander didn’t win a Cy Young Award as the American League’s best pitcher?
A: Cy Young. He played here long before an award was created in his honor. The team’s Cy Young winners are Gaylord Perry. C.C. Sabathia, Cliff Lee, Corey Kluber, and Shane Bieber.

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Grant Segall

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