Local collector's vintage and antique items to go on the virtual auction block

Tomorrow, Wednesday, Jan. 27, Falls, a multi-faceted communications, marketing, design, advertising, and digital agency, and Gray’s Auctioneers10717 Detroit Ave., will launch an online auction, with more than 300 vintage and antique pieces.

Curated from the archives of Wyse Advertising, which Falls acquired in October 2019, the auction showcases a wide range of French antique and vintage advertising posters, signs, and tins. The
Fine Art, Furniture and Decorative Art auction also includes a variety of rustic American and European furniture and decorations, along with a selection of studio pottery, jewelry and silver pieces, rock and roll photographs and posters, and a collection of rugs and textiles.

"Wyse acquired this extensive collection over a period of 50 years, adding new, special pieces every year,” said Rob Falls, president and CEO of Falls in a statement. “It’s an eclectic and iconic assortment featuring pieces from the late 19th and early 20th Centuries
that graced the walls and halls of Wyse for decades.”

Jim Marshall, (American, 1936-2010) – Jerry Garcia, 1969Featured pieces in the collection include: a modified American cast iron oak sewing table stand; an English pine and metal carriage bench; an antique Remington typewriter; and an 1898 “Cleveland Cycles” Jean de Paleologue (PAL) print. Additionally, a 19th Century American sterling silver tea and coffee service; a 19th Century W. Waide, Leeds oak and metal churn stand; and a Pat Johnson portrait of Neil Young round out the collection.

“Marc Wyse was passionate about his collection,” Lane Strauss, Wyse vice president and creative director. “He loved advertising and felt these posters embodied such a wonderful and unique era both in the business of advertising and the world of art. He was always looking for new posters to add to his collection. They brought him great joy.”

Additionally, Strauss says Wyse felt strongly that the furniture and antiques in the office told a story as well. “He wanted them to memorable and unique and stand out in a way that would give people pause and allow him, or someone, to stop and share of tale of where the piece came. He loved his things and wanted others to share his joy every day.”

Since 1951, the agency built a reputation for branding some of the largest companies in the Midwest and beyond, developing memorable campaigns for Smucker's, Applebee's, Sherwin-Williams, and Marathon Petroleum.

In 2019, Falls was looking for an acquisition to expand the firm’s service capabilities and serve clients with a more integrated approach. Falls first call was to Wyse CEO Michael Marino. The timing was perfect as Marino was considering retirement.

“Wyse was a fixture in downtown for a half century, and was part of what made Cleveland so attractive, and like Gray's, they’re local, but have a global reach,” says Serena Harragin, owner and auctioneer of Gray’s Auctioneers. “Having these pieces in your home or office is so iconic. They were collected by a world-renowned ad agency that had a really good eye for not just attractive, decorative pieces, but ones that had importance in the history of advertising. They’re striking yet so affordable.”

The live online auction begins at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 27. Bidders will be able to stream the auction by registering at Gray's. Pre-bidding is now open. For more information or to view the available items, visit the Gray's site or call (216) 226-3300.