Season's greetings: This Cleveland Heights photographer just launched a greeting card line

At a loss for the right thing to say? Odds are Cleveland Heights resident Megan Johnson can help you out with that.


For years, Johnson has been collecting inspiring quotes—from spiritual teacher Ram Dass’ “We are all just walking each other home” to poet Mary Oliver’s “Tell me what it is you plan to do with your one wild and precious life.”


Autumn Road design featuring a quote by Ram Dass (shot in the Euclid Creek Reservation)Now she’s marrying that collection with her work as a photographer to launch Love, You Greetings—a greeting card line designed to help consumers “send someone a big warm hug.” So far, Johnson offers 34 designs within the line, which she sells both on her website and at local shops like S'Wonderful Gifts and Mitchell’s Chocolates (both on Lee Road).


“Years ago, I started collecting quotes that felt spiritual and uplifting, so now I have a database of quotes along with my database of my own photos,” says Johnson. “I decided to put them together [as greeting cards] and give them as gifts to friends and family. They were so popular that eventually I decided to invest in starting a business.”


Johnson says the cards’ sentiments aren’t occasion-specific but are meant to be more versatile and apply to “all different types of occasions, situations, and relationships.” Even the name—Love, You Greetings—is meant to evoke emotion.


“Every time someone says the name, it’s like saying ‘Love You,’ and that sends so much positive energy into the world,” says Johnson.


Megan JohnsonAlong with spreading good vibes, Johnson is also committed to making Love, You Greetings an eco-friendly endeavor. Veggie-based eco inks are used in place of petroleum-based inks, and the cards are made of recycled materials and raw card stock (devoid of coatings and finishes). Johnson has also invested in a special press that conserves paper and water use—with the end result of producing 15 times less waste than other companies.


Looking forward, Johnson hopes to create opportunities for other Cleveland artists to have their photos and art featured in the line, and she’s also planning to create variety boxes featuring several designs packaged together.


“These first runs are exclusively my artwork and all of the quotes I chose,” says Johnson, “but I’m looking forward to expanding to a point where I can offer this way of expression and a positive exciting work environment to other artists getting started.”

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