Who's Hiring in Cle: Prototype1, DragonID, MakerGear and more


Welcome to the latest installment of Fresh Water’s “who’s hiring” series, where we feature growing companies with open positions, what they’re looking for and how to apply.

Imagine designing and building a house where you can see a 3D model of the layout and design before the foundation is even laid. That is exactly what Prototype1 is doing in the software development world. ONOSYS founder Oleg Friedman and Dave Hurt have formed Prototype1 to help both startup companies and established businesses identify and develop their software needs without first building the entire product – the process is called high-fidelity prototyping.

“It’s a way for people to see the front-end user experience without having to build the back end,” explains Protoype1 CEO Hurt. “The client enthusiasm is fantastic. We can see everything before it’s built. We are able to get clients on board before it’s even built.”

Hurt and Friedman offered the prototyping services at ONOSYS before splintering off to start Prototype1 last August. First, Hurt and Friedman spent the summer “testing the waters” for their idea. “Prototyping is a really good tool, but it’s not to be used a lot in the industry,” says Hurt of their idea to start the company. “We talked to all these people around Cleveland for feedback about it and we went to San Francisco and met with custom development shops. People in Cleveland were more supportive, even if they would be competitors in the future.”

Prototype1 has been working with CWRU department of epidemiology and biostatistics professor Darcy Freedman to develop an app to help farmers markets track the use of food stamps. “She had an idea for what she wanted and she knew she wanted an app,” says Hurt. The app will launch on June 1st at 400 markets around the country.

Prototype1 is also working with Groupmatics, an online group ticket sales manager, to help them develop a group ticketing platform for professional sports teams. “We’re small, but mighty,” Hurt says. “We want to continue to grow.”

Prototype1 currently has five employees and is now looking for a product designer and UX researcher to layout products and do discovery work. For more information or to apply, contact Hurt.
DragonID , an award-winning healthcare innovation and design firm in Cleveland Heights, needs a chief electrical engineer with experience in RF data transmission. The idea candidate should have knowledge in design engineering for the development of transmitters, receivers, and antennas; familiarity with UwB basic concepts, hardware/software integration, test process, and procedures; and an understanding of data transmission, hardware/software design, and testing. Send CV to Eugene Malinskiy to apply.

MakerGear, a leading manufacturer of desktop 3D printers, is looking for an experienced electrical engineer with excellent programming skills. Candidate will work in a collaborative environment with mechanical and materials engineers on product improvements and new product design development. MakerGear also needs a production technician to perform mechanical assembly of 3D printers using standard tools. To apply for either position, send resumes to the hiring manager.

LogicJunction is a rapidly growing technology company seeking a highly motivated web developer, who is excited about new ventures and the opportunity to be a part of an innovative team. Responsibilities include for developing interactive web and mobile wayfinding and training applications and user toolsets. Apply through JumpStart’s careers page.

Casentric, a claims software developer, needs an inside software salesperson. The right candidate will have two to three years of telesales experience with a high volume of transactions; love cold calling and prospecting - smiling and dialing; be a self-starter who thrives on learning new things and producing results; and manage multiple tasks. Apply through JumpStart’s careers page.

Terves, a materials science company producing engineered composites used in the oil and gas well completions and defense industries, needs a safety engineer to eliminate or control hazardous conditions resulting from human error, equipment and machine operations that may lead to human injury or property damage. This role must apply advanced mathematical techniques; professional engineering principles, methods and techniques; safety-related elements of the physical sciences, ergonomics, psychology and physiology; and safety principles, standards, practices and analytical techniques. To apply, send resume to Sharon Redman-Blom.

ONOSYS, an online ordering platform for the restaurant industry, needs a web design intern to work directly with the marketing head and design team to spark new life into the ONOSYS corporate website. Apply here.

Karin Connelly Rice
Karin Connelly Rice

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