cle among 20 best for 20-somethings

“It’s hard to pinpoint what qualities 20-somethings go for in picking the perfect city," writes Nicole McDermott for the blog "Sustainability, efficient transit systems, cleanliness, and affordability may make the top of the list.”
Coming in at No. 7, Cleveland 's stats are as follows:
Average Temp (High, Low): 59, 41
Median Income: $24,687
Average Rent for 1-Bedroom Apt.: $640
Population: 396,815
Median Age: 35.7

"Named one of the best places for new college grads, Cleveland has plenty of job ops (heavy in manufacturing and engineering), and fun for after work. The city, called Beertown, U.S.A. by Draft Magazine, has some favorite breweries like Great Lakes Brewing Company, Thirsty Dog, and Willoughby Brewing. And did we mention it’s the sixth best city for block parties? (We didn’t know there was such a rating, either.) Once you’re tuckered out from hitting all the pubs Cleveland’s got to offer, keep in mind the city came in as the second best to get a good night’s sleep."

Clevelanders can take pride in the fact our fair city ranked higher than popular young adult destinations such as Denver (No. 9), New York (No. 12), Portland (No. 14), and Seattle (No. 18)
Enjoy the full list here.

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