buffalo orders up big platter of cleveland dining awesome-sauce

In a Buffalo News feature titled “Chow down on Lake Erie,” food writer Andrew Galarneau highlights the thriving culinary scene in Cleveland and wonders how and why it differs from Buffalo’s own food scene.
Galarneau, questioning local food scribes like the PD's Joe Crea and this pub's own Douglas Trattner, delves deeply into the likely causes for Cleveland's disproportionate maturity when it comes to food and dining. Many of the city's finest chefs are mentioned in the piece.
"How did Cleveland get so awesome?" Galarneau muses aloud.
“When Symon said, ‘Cleveland is awesome, check it out,’ he wasn’t lying,” Trattner, a restaurant critic and author, is quoted in the piece. “Anybody can get up there and talk about their hometown, but he had stuff to back him up, so it wasn’t just ‘Here’s what I’m doing’ but ‘Here’s what Cleveland’s doing as a dining town, I’d think you’d be surprised.’ ”
The scribe notes that “[Eric] Williams won the undying love of tattooed hipsters and blue-collar types with Happy Dog, a bar that serves 75 beers and $3 boats of Tater Tots with as many of the 19 sauces, ranging from black truffle honey mustard to Oaxacan chocolate mole, as you want. And live polka happy hour on Fridays.”
Check out the full tribute to Cleveland and get a sneak peak at Buffalo’s budding scene here.
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