University Circle

All you need is love, plus some arts and culture, for a perfect Cleveland Valentine’s Day
Instead of the usual flowers and chocolates, some Clevelanders are celebrating Valentine's Day with perfume, science, dance, and music, thanks to funding from Cuyahoga Arts & Culture.
The real-life bionic people: Cleveland FES Center uses technology to help people with paralysis
Five Cleveland medical organizations are teaming up to help paralysis victims regain partial movement. Called the Cleveland FES Center, this consortium is featured in a documentary, "I Am Human."
PHOTOS: Orchid Mania takes over Cleveland Botanical Garden
Orchid Mania is in full bloom once again in University Circle.
Ch-ch-ch-changes: Photos of Cleveland, then and now
It's here today, gone tomorrow in ever-changing Cleveland. Bob Perkoski captures the shifting landscape of our town in his role as managing photographer for FreshWater Cleveland. Take a good look around when you can, because what you see now won't be here forever.
This Cleveland inventor is putting Mario Kart lovers in the driver's seat with a real-life version
Leave it to someone who works at Case Western Reserve University’s Sears think[box] to think out of the box. Ian Charnas' newest project is sure to appeal to lovers of Nintendo, nostalgia, and go-karting by bringing Mario Kart to life.
Cleveland officials say proposed police HQ will give economic boost to blighted Kinsman
City of Cleveland officials make their case for building a new police headquarters in the Kinsman neighborhood next to the Opportunity Corridor.
Move over, T-Rex: New exhibit at Natural History Museum shows off Southern Hemisphere dinosaurs
It's an invasion of Southern Hemisphere dinosaurs. They're taking over the Cleveland Museum of Natural History in a cool new exhibition called "Ultimate Dinosaurs."
Saving the planet: Young leaders in Northeast Ohio’s climate movement
Young people worldwide are taking the lead on battling climate change, and Cleveland is no exception. A number of local students are raising awareness and planning events, including potentially two summits here in 2020.
Business Growth Collaborative helps Cleveland minority entrepreneurs break down barriers
The Business Growth Collaborative brings 11 Northeast Ohio nonprofits together to help minority entrepreneurs and small-business owners grow and develop.
CWRU profs hint at who's next after grads sell start-up for $540M
How did two CWRU graduates sell their start-up for $540 million this month? Their professors at the Weatherhead School of Management reflect on the qualities that made them succeed and who might be the next breakout stars.
Urban Birding Week takes flight in Cleveland with Urban Birder David Lindo
Urban Birding Week is underway in Cleveland, led by the Western Cuyahoga Audubon Society and David Lindo, known as the Urban Birder.
In their footsteps: Cleveland Restoration Society plans civil rights trail with historical markers
Cleveland's role in the civil rights movement is often overlooked. The Cleveland Restoration Society hopes to remedy that with a civil rights trail consisting of 10 Ohio Historical Markers.
The number of women-owned CLE businesses has jumped more than 50%. This summit is for them.
Now in its eighth year, the Female Entrepreneur Summit will welcome more than 400 Northeast Ohio women entrepreneurs to the Cleveland History Center on Wednesday, Oct. 23.
PRE4CLE makes preschool a priority in Cleveland
PRE4CLE is all about preparing preschoolers for kindergarten, which studies show pays dividends down the road. As the organization reaches the five-year mark, it has much to celebrate but also decisions to make about where to go next.
Cleveland Orchestra debuts members-only Lotus Club
The new members-only Lotus Club at Severance Hall gives Cleveland Orchestra supporters an elegant place to relax.
150 years of solitude at Lake View Cemetery
Lake View Cemetery is turning 150 years old. Time for a party or two at one of Cleveland's most beautiful final resting spots.
Living a childhood dream: East Cleveland woman to convert Rockefeller-Rudd house into museum
Sheila Sharpley is turning the historic Rudd-Rockefeller house on Euclid Avenue in East Cleveland into a museum showcasing what life was like around 1901.
One World Day keeps growing in Cleveland Cultural Gardens
Changes are in store for the annual One World Day on Aug. 25 in the Cleveland Cultural Gardens, including a new Children's Village, enhanced transportation options and new activities, as well as three new gardens.
We Tried It: Tasting our way through the Tour de Bruell
Join us on the Tour de Bruell as local chef Zack Bruell takes foodies on a delicious progressive dinner party through five Bruell-owned restaurants.
I live here (now): Dane Vannatter
Dane Vannatter, 60, describes his relationship with Cleveland as like a hug. “From day one, it's been an embracing city,” says the Indiana native, who found his way to Cleveland three years ago. And the hug is not just figurative.