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The combined challenges of COVID-19, respiratory virus season, and back-to-school
As respiratory season approaches and the COVID-19 Delta variant is causing increased cases, hospitalizations, and deaths, Cleveland Clinic experts are promoting vaccines and other preventative measures to keep healthy this fall.
Photo essay: A documentation of the creation of 19 murals during Cleveland Walls!
Last week, 23 world-class artists—11 of them local artists—descended on the MidTown neighborhood to create 19 dynamic public murals during the Cleveland Walls! FreshWater managing photographer Bob Perkoski tracked the progress of the artists and their murals last week and compiled this photo essay.
MSPIRE pitch competition puts manufacturing entrepreneurs in the spotlight
It’s that time of year again, as MAGNET readies the launch of this year’s MSPIRE pitch competition. This year, MAGNET is also inviting manufacturing technology creators, rather than just focusing on physical products.
Students, artists team up with Cuyahoga Arts & Culture to tout LGBTQ+ Pride and racial equity
this summer, artist and Civil Rights activist Amanda King has been busy with her “It’s Almost Tomorrow” mural in Public Square as part of #VoicesofCLE project and her participation in Learning Lab.
Voters first: What residents thought of Cle mayoral candidates’ responses on economy and education
NEO SoJO reporter Conor Morris reports in part two on Ideastream Public Media's and The City Club of Cleveland's forum to hear from those who asked questions during  the second Cleveland mayoral forum.
Cleveland Walls! Tracking the 19 murals going up in MidTown this week
FreshWater managing photographer Bob Perkoski is tracking the CLEVELAND WALLS! mural program's progress throughout this week as 19 murals go up in MidTown. 
One World Day: Celebrating Cleveland’s diversity for 75 Years
For more than 75 years, Cleveland has honored its ethnic diversity and celebrated the city's immigrants with One World Day in the Cleveland Cultural Gardens. After canceling last year's event, One World Day will mark it's 75th anniversary next week. 
What did residents think of Cleveland mayoral candidates’ responses to their questions?
Northeast Ohio residents got the opportunity to question seven candidates for Cleveland mayor about their priorities on public safety, racial equity, and more last week during a mayoral debate coordinated by Ideastream Public Media and the City Club of Cleveland. Read what these residents thought. 

Original grassroots: How Buckeye Woodland activists agitated for affordable utilities in the 1970s
More than 40 years ago, the Buckeye Woodland Community Congress shut down the East Ohio Gas building, crashed an energy company board meeting, and disrupted a fancy lunch to get the executives of major utility companies to reduce heating costs for seniors and more. What can we learn from this history of activism?
Prisons try incentives, education to get staff vaxxed, with mixed results
Both Ohio prisoners and prison staff are less likely to be vaccinated than other adults in the state, perpetuating the virus within the institutions. With 42% of prison staff testing positive for COVID-19, Ohio is looking to what other U.S. states are doing to reduce the virus spread.
Advocates and the trans community remember the life of Tierramarie Lewis
On June 12 Tierramarie Lewis was murdered on East 79th Street. Her death is weighing on the hearts and minds of those who tried to help her avoid the fate of far too many Black transgender women in Ohio and across the county. 
One-on-One: Cleveland Clinic providers speak to patients about the Delta variant and the vaccine
The Delta variant now accounts for more than 82% of all current COVID-19 cases, and is more than two times more transmissible than previous variants. Experts at Cleveland Clinic are talking to their patients, stressing that the Delta variant should be an incentive for people to get vaccinated.
Farmers markets, nutrition assistance programs serve as oases in Cleveland's food deserts
Many Northeast Ohio farmers’ markets not only stayed open last year during the COVID-19 pandemic, but also expanded access to Produce Perks, EBT and other nutrition assistance programs. Their aim is to help those in need while gaining customers at the same time.
The big idea: City Club’s archives inspire one artist to create a video series on important moments
When theater artist Chris Szajbert found herself out of work during the pandemic, she got creative and found a unique way to embark on a new video series.
Happy Birthday Cleveland: In 225 years, we’ve had our moments
Cleveland celebrates it 225th birthday on Thursday. Things have changed a lot in the city since 1796, so Grant Segall takes a look at some of the milestone moments throughout our history.
Lift Every Voice: St. Luke’s Foundation launches platform to measure impact, give residents power
The St. Luke's Foundation is giving residents in the Woodhill, Buckeye-Shaker, and Mount Pleasant neighborhoods a voice in grantmaking and neighborhood services with its Lift Every Voice platform.
Karamu House to complete renovations, add community spaces, and return to live theater
Karamu House is about to complete the third and final phase of its renovations and return to live performances, thanks to a $1 million grant from the Bank of America Charitable Foundation.
Safety, efficacy, and access: Cleveland Clinic’s response to the COVID-19 vaccine
With three effective vaccines available, progress is being made in the fight against COVID-19 and the number of cases in Ohio declining on a daily basis. The Cleveland Clinic is working hard to increase vaccinations and keep the COVID-19 cases on the decline with targeted programs to reach more people.
On the right tack: Cleveland Sailing Charters offers smooth Lake Erie sailing, boating lessons
Photo Essay: For the past three years Cleveland Sailing Charters captain Scott Sanders has offered cruises around Lake Erie and sailing instruction. FreshWater managing photographer catches a glimpse into life on the Wabi Sabi.
Gaining independence: After 34 years, Ben is living on his own
Since age three Ben Hill has lived with autism and other health issues, which prompted his mother, Cindy, to be a full-time caregiver. Now, at age 34, and thanks to technology, Ben is finally on his own, and Cindy is able to enjoy her own independence as well.