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Enhancing nature: Metroparks' Zimmerman has spent past 13 years on improvements, more to come
Many positive changes have occurred at the Cleveland Metroparks since Brian Zimmerman took over as CEO in 2010, with many more projects ongoing and on the horizon.
Time to shine: Playhouse Square's Dazzle Awards build community for high school performing artists
It's local high school students' time to shine for their work in musical theater. Playhouse Square this weekend hosts its annual Dazzle Awards at the the KeyBank State Theatre.
New cybersecurity compliance a potential boon for local manufacturing firms
Manufacturing companies are learning the importance of achieving the Department of Defense's Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification, and the benefits that come along with it.
Hanging out: Group aims to turn Coventry space into an outdoor living room
A group of Coventry residents and artists wants to turn Harvey Pekar Park on Coventry into an outdoor living room to encourage socializing and increase foot traffic to local businesses. The group is raising money through the ioby and Cuyahoga Arts & Cuyahoga Arts & Culture match program.
'Damn Fine Dog': Genomic sequencing allows researchers to investigate Balto’s pedigree
Cleveland Museum of Natural History has helped unlock DNA for sequencing and genomics knowledge for Balto, the sled dog who in a blizzard helped deliver lifesaving medicine during an outbreak of diphtheria .
Photo essay: Ghost Signs of CLE
Ghost Signs, old hand-painted advertisements, can be found around the world. Managing photographer Bob Perkoski kick off this new series with some of his own images of Ghost Signs of CLE.
Shaping the future of energy: A look at Ohio’s renewable energy sustainability challenges
At a recent Global Shapers Cleveland Hub forum on Shaping the Future of Energy, the conversation centered around the Ohio’s renewable energy future, its innovators, challenges with carbon emissions, and opportunities.
Photo essay: Some Renaissance art and majesty from Cleveland Museum of Art’s The Tudors
The Cleveland Museum of Art's popular exhibit The Tudors: Art and Majesty in Renaissance England runs through Sunday, May 14. FreshWater's managing photographer Bob Perkoski took a tour and captured some highlights in this photo essay.
The fate of Euclid Beach Motor Home Park
After more than a year of planning and community meetings on the Euclid Beach Mobile Home Park, Western Reserve Land Conservancy in February told the residents they must move out and the property will become a part of the Cleveland Metroparks and a larger revitalization project for North Collinwood and Lakeshore Avenue.
Signs of spring: University Circle’s cherry blossoms in photos
Last week was peak time for taking in the cherry blossoms around University Circle. Bob Perkoski caught the blooms in all their glory to brighten your day.
The air we breathe: How local agencies are working for cleaner air
The effects of air pollution are far reaching—creating and aggravating breathing problems, damaging wildlife and forests, creating greenhouse gases and accelerating global warming. The Global Shapers Cleveland Hub and Black Environmental Leaders recently hosted a discussion among Cleveland air quality experts, who talked about the problems, the health disparities in Cleveland's poor and minority neighborhoods, and what can be done to improve our city that ranks as one of the worst in the country.
A whole new world: Manufacturing offers fruitful opportunities in ‘non-traditional’ jobs
When thinking about manufacturing jobs, often the first thing that comes to mind is dank dystopian machinery, soot-covered workers, and welding masks. But today's manufacturing field holds opportunities that can actually be quite glamorous.
Can the city of Cleveland make better use of its vacant land?
More than 3,700 acres of vacant land in the City of Cleveland can present environmental and health issues. Members of a panel discussion hosted by Global Shapers Cleveland hub share solutions for using the city's vacant land in ways that promote healthy neighborhoods.
How will we equitably shape the future of waste?
The Global Shapers Cleveland Hub recently convened a panel of waste, recycling, and compost experts to discuss ways Northeast Ohio can reduce its waste output and create equitable, profitable business models in re-use.
Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry is using solar power to house the homeless
Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry and PadSmart have just launched a pilot program to build energy efficient solar-powered homes to provide those experiencing homelessness with affordable a new affordable housing option.
Photo Essay: Pop culture takes center stage at 2023 FAN EXPO
Thousands of pop culture fans descended on the Huntington Convention Center last weekend for FAN EXPO. Managing photographer Bob Perkoski caught all of the fun on film.
The dawn of ChatGPT: Artificial intelligence could be a boon for the manufacturing supply chain
It seems like the world is watching how the new AI platform ChatGPT can help students write papers or cheat on exams, but what can this AI technology do for the future of the manufacturing industry? MAGNET CEO Ethan Karp talks about the possibilities.
Photo essay: The unique architectural details of Playhouse Square's oldest theaters
Playhouse Square boasts some of the more beautiful theaters in the world, with the attention to architectural details that illustrate the talent and dedication of artists and craftspeople who lived a century ago. Managing photographer Bob Perkoski gives us a glimpse at some of these details in four of the theaters.
Safe haven: 5,000 Ukrainians have arrived in NEO over the past year
An estimated 5,000 Ukrainians have taken refuge in Greater Cleveland since February 2022, and Northeast Ohioans are sponsoring their stays and making them part of their families while they wait to return home.
Boomers are now contemplating retirement amid uncertain economic times
Many Baby Boomers, the generation born between 1946 and 1964, are well past retirement age, yet have continued to stay in the workforce. Signs are now indicating "The Great Retirement" may be on its way.