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Eligible low-income renters aren’t aware of, or tapping into, sewer bill relief programs
The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District is expanding its affordability program to now apply to renters, and to those with a higher income than before. Will that boost enrollment in a program that only had 12% of eligible customers signed up?
Federal aid arrives for low-income residents’ water and sewer bills
For the first time ever, the federal government has created a program to help low-income people with their water/sewer bills. Applications are now being accepted in Cleveland through CHN Partners.
How renters' rights are protected in some Ohio cities outside of Cleveland
Tenants in several cities across Ohio have something that their counterparts in Cleveland lack—renter protection rights. 
Create your own adventure with the 2022 Cleveland Metroparks Trail Challenge
Since 2018 the Cleveland Metroparks has invited Clevelanders to participate in its annual Trail Challenge. This year's challenge is already underway. Complete 10 or 20 of the potential 30 trail routes and win prizes!
Housing rights: Northeast Ohio renters with vouchers struggle to find housing
Housing rights activists and community groups in Cleveland are hoping to convince Mayor Justin Bibb and Cleveland City Council to adopt renters’ protections that would make source of income discrimination illegal.
Reviewing 2021: A baker’s dozen of the top FreshWater stories of last year
FreshWater takes a look back at 13 of our favorite stories from 2021. Happy New Year!
Reflections and Predictions: 2021 was a year of ups and downs, with hope building for 2022
It's been a long two years since the beginning of the COVID pandemic. While we may be physically and emotionally drained, Cleveland and its residents had some noteworthy accomplishments. This week, we take a look back at 2021 with the FreshWater staff reflecting on the past year and looking forward to events and projects in 2022.
A little help goes a long way for artists weaving our communities back together
In a joint partnership, Cuyahoga Arts & Culture and Neighborhood Connections   awarded $59,587 in grants to support 22 artists and entrepreneurs working on projects related to the pandemic in Cleveland and East Cleveland.
The Child Tax Credit is helping Clevelanders, but some families have missed it
An estimated 116,500 families in Ohio—including many in the Cleveland area—missed out on the $250-$300 monthly advance Child Tax Credit payments. What happened, and what can be done to remedy that problem?
Playing favorites: FreshWater celebrates 500 issues with our favorite mastheads
On Thursday, Dec. 8, FreshWater marked its 500th issue. To celebrate, we took at look at 500 mastheads and chose some of our favorites by FreshWater managing photographer Bob Perkoski, who has been with FreshWater since Day One.
Blazing trails: Metroparks wins federal money to build east side Towpath Trail equivalent
Federal grant money from the U.S. Department of Transportation will allow for the planning and design of four small trail sections that make up 5.7 miles of trail and bicycle connections on Cleveland’s east side and find the best path from Euclid Creek Reservation to the lakefront and to connect the new Opportunity Corridor bike path to downtown.
A look back, a glimpse ahead: CDCs navigated challenges in building up communities in 2021
A trio of local Community Development Corporation leaders are striving to accentuate the positive during the pandemic while casting ahead to a brighter future with the programs they've offered in their neighborhood this past year and the plans they are making for 2022.
Linked: AT&T Connected Learning Center opens at Esperanza, plugs in the Clark-Fulton community
With 14 Dell PCs equipped with a range of software, the now-open AT&T Connected Learning Center in Esperanza is meant to add ammunition to one of Cleveland’s sorest setbacks—fixing its digital divide.
Neighborhood renaissance: Partners break ground on next wave of renewal projects in Fairfax
Five community partners broke ground on a $52.8 million project in Cleveland’s Fairfax neighborhood on Tuesday, Dec. 16—bringing a Meijer store, jobs, and apartments to the neighborhood and bolstering ongoing development efforts by Fairfax Renaissance Development.
Water woes: The number of delinquent Cleveland water accounts has doubled during pandemic
The number of people behind on their water bills in the Cleveland area has doubled during the pandemic. Now, more than one in every five water accounts are behind by at least one bill, as the city has resumed water shutoffs for nonpayment. What can be done about this problem?
Purchase of Euclid Beach Mobile Home Park spurs plans for Collinwood lakefront’s potential
Western Reserve Land Conservancy just announced it has purchased the 28.5-acre Euclid Beach Mobile Home Park on Lake Erie in the North Shore Collinwood neighborhood. Now the planning begins.
Work group shines a bright light on the efforts of CDCs to meet regional economic development needs
An assembly of local Community Development Corporation directors—collectively named the Economic Development Working Group—is taking a joint approach in meeting the pressing regional needs of Cleveland neighborhoods to make the city a better place to live.
Staging a comeback: CAC Culture Heritage Grant winners elevate new voices
Cuyahoga Arts and Culture provided its newly-established Cultural Heritage Grants this year to 11 culturally-specific organizations to to support to new work and performances—both virtually and in person—at a time when a resurgence of COVID-19 cases is keeping audience capacity limited at some venues.
Tuned up: The music and magic of community orchestras
It’s a false perception that seeing the Cleveland Orchestra play at Severance Hall is only for the elite—but there is another way to attend a traditional orchestra performance with the dozens of local community orchestras.
The urban landscape: A photo essay of Cleveland neighborhoods
The City of Cleveland celebrated its 225th birthday earlier this year, marking changes to the city skyline and the overall landscape. Managing photographer Bob Perkoski captures the art in Cleveland's urban scenery.