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Like sharks, we humans gotta move. And in Northeast Ohio, that typically means hopping in a car and heading out on the open road. More and more, though, Clevelanders are swapping conventional for alternative. Inner-ring commuters are leaving the SUV in the garage, instead choosing to ride the light rails, hop aboard RTA's Healthline, or two-wheel it into town along a freshly painted bike lane. As the city looks forward, growing in terms of residents by leaps and bounds, intermodal transportation issues should be high on the list of concerns.

#People of CLE: Angie Schmitt, public transportation activist
Meet Angie Schmitt, an author, entrepreneur, and advocate for safe, accessible, affordable, and reliable public transportation in Cleveland. 
ODOT awards $11.5 million to RTA to replace aging Rapid cars, secure natural gas buses
The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority announced it was awarded $11.5 million from two ODOT transit funding programs, The funds will replace aging Rapid transit cars and add six environmentally friendly natural gas buses to its fleet.
Stuck in Cleveland: Riders struggle to use public transit to get to work
Northeast Ohio residents’ ability to get to work by public transit has been in the spotlight in recent years, with the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority’s  NextGen route redesign, implemented in June 2021, attempting to improve service frequency and job access. This may help, but what else can be done? 
How area communities are building small transit solutions to solve big issue of sprawl
While GCRTA's recent NextGen route redesign has helped some people get to work on time, other smaller Northeast Ohio cities are working on their own public transit solutions, and how the Paradox Prize helped them do it.
New eco-friendly HealthLine buses mark a milestone for the storied transit line
Thirteen years after city officals cut the ribbon on the  Euclid Corridor Transportation Project, the once-futuristic fleet of 60-foot-long bus-rapid transits on the RTA HealthLine have been replaced with the next generation of eco-friendly vehicles.
All aboard! RTA launches new high-tech, low emissions HealthLine bus fleet today
The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority is introducing 16 new environmentally-friendly passenger and buses with the latest in tehcnologies along the HealthLine.
New prospects: Opportunity Corridor opens, officials mark start of final steps
The long-awaited Opportunity Corridor, connecting East 55th Street at I-490 to East 105th Street in University Circle, officially opened last Friday evening. 
Superior Viaduct: Cleveland's first high-level bridge
Cleveland Masterworks: Excited newspaper reporters said the Superior Viaduct would last for 1,000 years when it was completed in 1878. But a major design flaw limited its life to only 40 years before the Detroit Superior bridge replaced it.
eNEO2050: NOACA to discuss its transportation and infrastructure plan for an equitable future
NOACA will hold a virtual public meeting to discuss the draft of its eNEO2050 plan—which aligns future transportation and environmental planning initiatives with a focus on equitable access in land use, housing, jobs, health, and economics.
Let the good times roll: Funny Bus CLE gets in gear for May launch
Led by local comedians, Funny Bus CLE combines laughs and local lore for a lively tour of the city’s core—starting at Collision Bend in the Flats with a halfway stopping point at Merwin’s Wharf.
BrewBoat CLE is riding the wave of success into its 2021 season
The last year hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing for many businesses, but BrewBoat CLE is dropping its proverbial anchor in the Cuyahoga River by doubling the size of its fleet and more than tripling the number of staff members.
A major transportation makeover for West 25th Street is taking shape
RTA is leading the final stage of 25 Connects—a plan to redevelop West 25th Street between the West Side Market and the MetroHealth campus for a more transit-oriented district.
Cuyahoga County earmarks funds for road repairs in high-poverty neighborhoods
Cuyahoga County plans to invest millions into road repairs in neighborhoods most in need, basing the choices on economic health, poverty level, poor road conditions, and traffic.
Driving improvement: State funds allow Crawford Museum to continue expansion
Thanks to $750,000 in state capital funds, the Western Reserve Historical Society is moving ahead with plans to update and broaden the Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum's space.
Ticket to ride: Officials, riders debate the safety of riding the RTA during the pandemic
No COVID-19 cases have been traced back to the Greater Cleveland RTA, but ridership has largely decreased during the pandemic—partly due to worries about safety. What can be done to bring those riders back?
Falcon Rising: CycleWerks to unveil its new, all-in-one electric bicycle, e-moped, and e-motorcycle
The Falcon is about to take flight. Cleveland CycleWerks is gearing up to release its newest creation, three high-tech vehicles in one.
Filmmaker connects Cleveland to environmental success stories
Brad Masi uses the art of filmmaking to show how local actions in Northeast Ohio can address environmental issues such as transportation, urban agriculture and climate change.
What's old is new again: 3 historic Euclid buildings that have found second life
Euclid's industrial heyday may have been decades ago, but the city's industrial corridor is taking on new life with businesses like HGR Industrial, AAble Rents, and the Transportation Innovation Center.
Paradox Prize gives $16K to ride-sharing startup helping East Cleveland, Euclid, Glenville commuters
The Paradox Prize recently awarded $16,000 to Share, a ride-sharing startup, to help East Cleveland, Euclid and Glenville job seekers and workers commute to job hubs in Mentor and Painesville.
Cleveland Heights car mechanic finds a much cheaper way to paint lines on streets
Sam Bell closed his Lusty Wrench auto repair shop in Cleveland Heights because he saw a way to greatly reduce the cost of painting lines on resurfaced roads.