Manufacturing Success

Open access: Talent attraction remains top-of-mind for Cleveland manufacturers
The manufacturing industry is expected to hire more than 30,000 workers in the next decade, leaving industry leaders and employers like MAGNET, Toward Employment, Precision Metalforming Association, and even CMSD, to create strategies to prepare a robust workforce. The ACCESS to Manufacturing Careers program just may be the answer in Northeast Ohio.
MAGNET: Innovation equals transformation and growth for area manufacturers
MAGNET’s Blueprint for Manufacturing in Northeast Ohio outlines the four pillars to manufacturing success: Innovation, Transformation, Talent, and Leadership. Transformation means adopting the newest technologies to stay ahead of the game.
Manufacturing blueprint: MAGNET champions plan for a high-tech, talent-rich manufacturing future
MAGNET, with backing from Team NEO, Greater Cleveland Partnership, and Case Western Reserve University, are cheerleaders for the success of Northeast Ohio's manufacturing industry with MAGNET's Blueprint for Manufacturing.
Make it better: Cleveland makers embrace innovation as a benchmark of growth
Building a transformative technology and forward-thinking are two key elements behind MAGNET's Make It Better: A Blueprint for Manufacturing in Northeast Ohio. Three local innovators—CLEANR, Skuld, and Seraphina Safety—share their tips for success and how they stick to the blueprint.
New cybersecurity compliance a potential boon for local manufacturing firms
Manufacturing companies are learning the importance of achieving the Department of Defense's Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification, and the benefits that come along with it.
The dawn of ChatGPT: Artificial intelligence could be a boon for the manufacturing supply chain
It seems like the world is watching how the new AI platform ChatGPT can help students write papers or cheat on exams, but what can this AI technology do for the future of the manufacturing industry? MAGNET CEO Ethan Karp talks about the possibilities.
In the thick of it: New MAGNET HQ designed as a neighborhood manufacturing linchpin
With MAGNET's new 53,000-square-foot headquarters now up and running in the Hough neighborhood, officials hope to demystify local manufacturing and draw a new, diverse pool of talent into the industry.
MAGNET’s new Midtown manufacturing hub aims to create jobs, grow local economy
Last week, MAGNET moved into its new headquarters, the Manufacturing Innovation, Technology & Job Center, that will connect people to training and jobs, increase manufacturing innovation, and transform Northeast Ohio factories with advanced technologies.
Custom orders: MAGNET tailors its services to bring Cleveland builders to market
When MAGNET hosts its annual Mspire pitch competition—Ohio's only pitch challenge exclusively for manufacturing-focused entrepreneurs—the organization adapts to its individual entrepreneurs to offer the services they need to scale up and get to market. 
Innovation Square set to bring jobs, housing, and a bright future to Fairfax
The Innovation Square project is set to bring a mixed-use, mixed-income district along the Opportunity Corridor on Cleveland’s southeast side. Along with the new Meijer grocery story, neighborhood residents, business owners, and officials see potential for Fairfax to become an emerging, thriving neighborhood.
Expanding manufacturing innovations: MAGNET pitch competition now covers all of Northern Ohio
For seven years, MANGET's annual MSPIRE event has stood as the only pitch challenge for Northeast Ohio’s manufacturing-focused entrepreneurs. This year, the competition expands to all of northern Ohio, in a partnership with Toledo-based ProMedica Innovations. Who will pitch the most innovative hard tech, advanced materials, product, or technology this year?
Pitch perfect: Chalk paint maker, medical device distributor among 2021 Mspire winners
Meet Hikia “Coco” Dixon, founder of Coco’s Chalky Paints, and NelDerm founder Kevin Nelson—two of the seven winners at MANGET's 2021 Mspire manufacturing pitch competition. They beat out 43 other applicants for a wealth of prizes and services to move their businesses forward.
A look back, a glimpse ahead: CDCs navigated challenges in building up communities in 2021
A trio of local Community Development Corporation leaders are striving to accentuate the positive during the pandemic while casting ahead to a brighter future with the programs they've offered in their neighborhood this past year and the plans they are making for 2022.
MSPIRE pitch competition puts manufacturing entrepreneurs in the spotlight
It’s that time of year again, as MAGNET readies the launch of this year’s MSPIRE pitch competition. This year, MAGNET is also inviting manufacturing technology creators, rather than just focusing on physical products.
One vision: MAGNET lays out blueprint for Northeast Ohio’s manufacturing future
Last week MAGNET announced the launch of “Make it Better: A Blueprint for Manufacturing in Northeast Ohio"—a vision to revitalize Northeast Ohio as a leader in high-tech smart manufacturing and creates thousands of new jobs.
New MAGNET program designed to boost manufacturing companies’ post-pandemic recovery
The pandemic has been especially tough on small to medium-sized manufacturing companies that have been hit by furloughs, supply chain disruptions, and production shut-downs. MAGNET's new program aims to change this trajectory by providing hands-on consulting and assistance through newly-secured grant funds.
The cool kids do it: From fish food to electronics, manufacturing offers unique jobs aplenty
When people think of manufacturing jobs, they usually think of working on the plant floor. But the truth is, manufacturing is about cutting edge technologies, weird science, and even artificial intelligence—on some unique and interesting job paths. 
Cleveland-born program solidifies connections between nationwide manufacturers
MAGNET is leading a national manufacturing network to develop a country-wide coalition to engage youth in manufacturing and connect underrepresented populations to potentially lucrative manufacturing careers.
Five MAGNET MSPIRE pitch contest winners ready to roll into the future
Five manufacturing entrepreneurs recently received more than $55,000 in cash, prizes, and loans during MAGNET's annual MSPIRE pitch competition. Read about their innovations and their plans.
MAGNET move to Midtown could be a step toward job creation, industry connections
When MAGNET moves into its new headquarters in a former CMSD Midtown school, CEO Ethan Karp envisions a new era of manufacturing—an era when the field shakes its old image as a dirty and dangerous industry and emerges as the symbol of innovation.