Manufacturing Success

Prison-to-employment pipeline brings new manufacturing talent to NEO companies
An innovative new program trains formerly incarcerated job seekers for open jobs in the manufacturing industry.
Business Unusual: Local manufacturers adapt, preserve jobs, and carry on during pandemic
When the coronavirus brought everyday life to a screeching halt and area hospitals worried they would run out of PPE, several Northeast Ohio manufacturers and other businesses stepped up to adapt their processes, save jobs, and make what was needed.
Manufacturing Alliance ‘in this together’ for PPE sourcing and creation
MAGNET and the the Ohio Manufacturing Alliance were quick to form the Ohio Manufacturing Alliance after Governor DeWine put out the plea for help in creating Personal Protective Equipment to fight COVID-19 in Ohio. The alliance uses its collective innovation prowess to speedily produce much-needed equipment. 
Karis Dolls help kids cope with traumatic family situations
Inspired by three young children who lost their father, India Gill has created Karis Dolls to help kids through traumatic events.
Cleveland tech companies search for creative ways to fill talent gap
While there are thousands of software development jobs available in Northeast Ohio, skilled code wranglers are not so easy to find. Local firms are finding other means to find and keep new programmers.  
3D printing brings the sexy back to Cleveland's manufacturing sector
A high-tech parts-building process that "prints" three-dimensional solid objects from digital files is taking hold in Northeast Ohio.
Cleveland institutions dipping into local talent pool to fill workforce gaps
Schools and businesses are aiming to boost the economy through a regionally-bred pipeline of skilled workers.
cle knowledge jobs could be a magnet for international talent
Cleveland's knowledge-driven "eds and meds" sector, which stands 11th nationwide in total employment, is a major factor in luring high-skilled immigrants to the North Coast.
five cle plus healthcare companies poised for greatness
Thanks to Northeast Ohio's collaborative medical startup community, one fueled by forward-looking economic organizations and angel investors, entrepreneurs with viable ideas are making waves. Here are five Cleveland and Akron healthcare companies poised to be the Next Big Thing.
report checks cleveland's economic vital signs: shows where city is, where it can be
If the future belongs to those cities that can frame their opportunities and challenges, act in ways that demonstrate measurable progress, and connect and engage with the smartest people and the smartest ideas, than City Vitals 2.0 can act as a road map for urban leaders.
manufacturing shift helps 'cleveland plus' region emerge from rough economic waters
Like most of the country, Northeast Ohio was slammed hard by the tidal wave of the most recent recession. But thanks to an increasingly diversified economic strategy -- one that saw a transition from traditional manufacturing (steel, tires) to modern forms of manufacturing (healthcare equipment, polymers) -- the region is emerging from those damaging waters stronger than it has in the past, say area advocates.
skullpture artists: startup's implants restore patient's head shape following traumatic event
Imagine if a traumatic event like a car accident or shooting fundamentally altered the shape of your skull. That kind of trauma can be both physically and psychologically destructive to a victim. Patient-specific craniofacial implants created by Cleveland-based startup OsteoSymbionics protect the brain and restore one's natural head shape.
magnet program to train and place 50 veterans by year's end in manufacturing jobs
The Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network (MAGNET) is launching a pilot project that matches returning veterans with specific training for key manufacturing jobs available in Northeast Ohio such as machinists, inspection/quality technicians and equipment maintenance personnel.

"Even in this recession there are so many manufacturing jobs that are going unfilled," says Mary Ann Pacelli, project manager for MAGNET. "There's a need for training and people who have an aptitude on the technical side. People may not realize the technical skills learned in the military transfer into manufacturing."

Enthusiasm for the program has been high. "Companies are very interested because they have jobs that have to be filled, and it provides a sense of community spirit," says Pacelli. "Employers are willing to commit."

The project has been two years in the making. MAGNET will be meeting with interested companies through August, and will begin assessing veterans in late August. Pacelli says they plan to have eight to 12 veterans placed by September. "We set a minimum goal to assess at least 100 veterans," she says. "At least 50 will be in some sort of job by the end of the year."

Funding for employers is available through the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services. "Companies that are willing to hire and do on-the-job training are eligible for some funding for salaries and training," says Pacelli. "The work behavior piece has already been taken care of by the military. The training may take some time, but it's worth it."

Source: Mary Ann Pacelli
Writer: Karin Connelly
q & a: daniel berry, president of magnet
When it comes to adapting to today's marketplace, the Manufacturing Advocacy & Growth Network -- aka MAGNET -- is a manufacturer's best friend. The Cleveland-based organization helps companies uncover new products, new markets, and new opportunities for growth. We recently spoke with CEO Daniel Berry about the current state of manufacturing in NEO.
MAGNET and NorTech create positive attraction with $285k federal contract
The Manufacturing Advocacy & Growth Network (MAGNET) has partnered with the Northeast Ohio Technology Coalition (NorTech) to receive a $285,000 federal contract for a pilot project focusing on the advanced energy value chain. The contract comes from the National Institutes of Standards and Technology's Manufacturing Extension Program (MEP).

MAGNET and NorTech will work together to coach and train a group of regional manufacturing companies to stimulate and support manufacturing innovation, technology acceleration, supply chain development and continuous improvement and efficiency. Specifically, the one-year pilot project will target small-to-mid-sized manufacturers in the areas of biomass/waste-to-energy and electric vehicles.

Ohio currently ranks third in the country in terms of manufacturing production output and manufacturing employment. The MEP project is a chance for this region of Ohio to further assist manufacturers in meeting the demands of an ever-evolving marketplace, according to Rebecca O. Bagley, president and CEO of NorTech.

"Our goal is to establish Northeast Ohio as a regional model for helping manufacturers transition from slow-growth markets to new, high-demand markets with stronger growth potential in emerging technology sectors, such as advanced energy," she says. "Working with MAGNET, we can help our region's manufacturers leverage their existing strengths and diversify their business to capture more global market opportunities."

Should the initial year of the MEP project be successful, there is an opportunity of funding for a second year.

WRITER: Diane DiPiero