Street Level

MidTown Opening Day: Celebrate neighborhood pride, Cleveland Foundation HQ opening
It’s MidTown Opening Day this coming Saturday, July 15—a free, daylong neighborhood festival and block party centered on Euclid Avenue and East 66th Street, with activity hubs throughout the MidTown neighborhood.
Like fish to water: YMCA of Greater Cleveland prioritizes water safety, swim lessons
With the summer heat upon us, water safety and knowing how to swim are priorities. Many of the YMCA of Greater Cleveland branches offer swim classes, as well as water safety tips, for all ages and abilities to keep people safe around pools and beaches.
Run this town: Aimon Ali brings big vision to Cleveland’s fashion scene with The Runway
Aimon Ali is elevating Cleveland's fashion presence with The Runway fashion shows, which showcases local, national, and international designers, and her boutique fashion services and events agency Fashion Talks.
Rumbles on E. 49th: Awakenings and epiphanies
In his final Rumbles on E. 49th installment, Ralph Horner recalls the epiphany that changed his life and led him down the successful career path, a life he chose.
Rumbles on E. 49th: 'Hey, stupid' and five-on-one fighting
Ralph Horner shares some of his narrow escapes from fights with rival neighborhood groups while growing up in the Goodrich-Kirtland Park neighborhood in the 1950s.
The World on Stage: Summer concert series will celebrate cultures in the Cultural Gardens
Music and dance from around the world takes the stage at Cleveland Cultural Gardens this summer, with World on Stage concert and event series, including African Day, Hispanic Cultural Day, Middle East Day, and the 77th annual One World Day.
Hot stuff: Cleveland Heights launches SummerFEST this week
With the official start to summer his week, Cleveland Heights launches SummerFEST—a summer-long slate of free Thursday evening concerts, historic walking tours, kids activities, and more—in the Cedar Fairmount Special Improvement District.
Rumbles on E. 49th: The mighty dumb Ducals and inner-city logic
Ralph Horner recalls two instances when he and his friends ran into trouble as they attempted to rule the streets in the Goodrich-Kirtland Park neighborhood.
Edgewater NeighborFest will fill Clifton Boulevard with free music, activities, and fun
Edgewater NeighborFest, hosted by Northwest Neighborhoods, will bring an afternoon of fun, food, and shopping to Clifton Boulevard on June 25.
International flair: World music to take the stage at CMA’s Summer Solstice
Cleveland Museum of Art's Solstice 2023 is putting an international spin on the musical lineup—with groups from around the world making their Cleveland debut.
Lake Erie Ink releases seventh annual teen anthology with record amount of entries
Lake Erie Ink released its seventh annual teen anthology last week with 147 contributions of nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and art, making it LEI's largest collection of area teens’ creative works to date.
Rumbles on E. 49th: Inner city free enterprise
During events at the Cleveland Arena, Ralph Horner's "associates" would use business parking lots to make an extra buck and take some cars for a spin.
Nature Center celebrates summer with weekly Wednesday night events
The Nature Center at Shaker Lakes kicks off its Summer Wednesdays tonight, with extended dawn-til-dusk hours. food and drink, and live entertainment.
Free spirited: A tea house gives way to a dry bar in Ohio City
Verbena Shoppe, Café, and Dry Bar will take over the former Cleveland Tea Revival space in Ohio City this summer.
Cleveland Metroparks Zoo’s Asian Lantern Festival returns for sixth year
The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo's Asian Lantern Festival returns for its sixth year in July.
FreshWater writers recognized at 2023 All Ohio Excellence in Journalism Awards
At the Press Club of Cleveland’s 2023 All Ohio Excellence in Journalism Awards ceremony at the House of Blues last week, FreshWater Cleveland was recognized with seven awards in various categories for stories and photo essays published last year.
Rumbles of E. 49th: ‘Never mind, dummy’
Ralph Horner was alone on the playground early one morning when his group's rivals, the Gashouse Bots, showed up. Horner averted a fight by playing stupid.
Welcome signs: Waypoint locations in the skies direct and amuse pilots
When pilots are heading into Cleveland, they know they're close when they hit GPS waypoints on their radar listing LBRON, TRYBE, or ROCKIN. Grant Segall explores what these clever five-letter waypoints stand for, and some other interesting handles elsewhere in Ohio and around the country.
Rumbles of E. 49th: Catch us if you can
Ralph Horner and his buddies were good at eluding the police when they were hanging out at the Superior-Luther playground, except once when one member of the group made one wrong move.
Rumbles on E. 49th: A Most Magnificent Sound
Ralph Horner and his friends hatched a plan to prank the police who sat in their patrol car on East 55th Street and Superior Avenue every night around 7 p.m. The result produced the kind of joy that only teenage boys can feel.