Emerging Neighborhoods

Broadway/Slavic Village

Once widely known for Polish culture, and now ably served by Slavic Village Development, this historic neighborhood is still home to a diverse population that places family and tradition above much else. Life here is dominated by school, church, and recreational activities. Residents have their choice of housing, from dying-to-be renovated Victorians to carefree condos.

Considered by residents as a true hidden gem, Broadway/Slavic Village enjoys close proximity to greenspace, including a true rails-to-trails multipurpose path, a nine-hole golf course, and views of Cleveland's tallest urban waterfall.


Nearly 20,000 people call this neighborhood home. And that is precisely why developers are beginning to take strong notice of this emerging market. Kinsman is home to the world headquarters of the Orlando Baking Company, and new green businesses and urban farms are flocking to this centrally located neighborhood.

In the last few years alone, several hundred newly constructed single-family homes, townhomes and condominiums have been built, sold and occupied. And why not? Central/Kinsman is ideally situated between University Circle and Downtown, giving residents easy access to the two densest employment centers in the county.

Film’s big fall: A look at upcoming CLE film festivals and their thought-provoking content
As fall approaches, the season is ripe for upcoming film festivals. Three festivals that focus on unique and timely topics are already beginning. 
Driftwood Caterers takes over Landerhaven with fresh look, honors former owner
Last summer Chris Hodgson and Scott Kuhn of Driftwood Catering bought Landerhaven from Harlan Diamond, who operated the hall for 60 years. Driftwood has honored Diamond, yet given Landerhaven a new look after reopening this spring. 
Food for Thought: JCU student entrepreneurs create food buggy to feed the homeless
Students in John Carroll University's entrepreneurial program are feeding hungry customers while also feeding the homeless with their new food buggy concept.
Notorious RBG: New exhibit at Maltz Museum pays tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsberg
U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts called Ruth Bader Ginsberg "a tireless and resolute champion of justice." Now,  Beachwood's Maltz Museum celebrates the second woman, and oldest Justice, on the Supreme Court.
Fit for a queen: QUEENIAM gives Cleveland youth community and purpose in COVID times
Dameyonna Willis believes that self-love and empowerment are royally important—and that’s exactly why she started QUEENIAM to help young girls thrive. Though COVID-19 has put a cramp in Willis’ in-person meetups, she hasn’t let that stop her, instead creating a vibrant “Queen in Quarantine” virtual program to keep the movement in motion.
How COVID-19 is changing the future of Cleveland’s office space in a remote working world
More Americans are working from home these days—with the trend expected to grow in the next year. Find out how Cleveland's downtown office landscape is changing and what the experts see happening in commercial real estate and coworking space as the home office takes the lead.
Prama Gallery creeps into the Halloween spirit with its 'Images of Haunted Ohio' exhibit
Prama Artspace & Gallery on Friday opened "Images of Haunted Ohio," a photo exhibit featuring six photographers who have caught chilling images in some of the state's most ghostly places.
Access to adventure: Lakewood couple launches store with secondhand outdoor retail, nature workshops
The Cleveland Outpost's mission is to make outdoor adventure attainable for everyone. The new store offers used equipment, workshops, and other programs to eliminate the barriers to enjoying everything Cleveland's trails and shores have to offer.
Changing course: Newly minted suburban mayors chart new territory during pandemic
Fairview Park Mayor Patrick Cooney and Lakewood Mayor Meghan George took their oaths to office on the first day of 2020, only to face the onset of the coronavirus. The two rookies have weathered the storm and proven themselves worthy, even in the worst of times. 
Riding the wave: Eastern suburbs prepare for new surge of evictions and foreclosures
Just like most of Cuyahoga County, Cleveland's inner-ring suburbs are expecting a wave of potential evictions and foreclosures because of the coronavirus. But officials are trying to provide assistance wherever they can in Shaker Heights and South Euclid.
Pay it forward: Polish Village stages summer cash mob to prompt spending in Parma
As Parma small businesses began to suffer in the pandemic, Polish Village Parma stepped in this summer to organize a COVID-19 cash mob—offering raffle tickets for every $10 spent in neighborhood stores.
Witness to change: Lois Jeavons recalls her 96-year path of solidarity as an 'active activist'
In Lois Jeavons' 96 years, she has witnessed ignorance and divisiveness in everything from the invention of a polio vaccine to racism and social justice, to politics and the Cold War. She reflects on how her experiences spanning nearly 10 decades have taught her to be an activist and stand up for what she believes is right.
Street serenades: Out-of-work performers play neighborhood concerts
During the coronavirus quarantine, many out-of-work performers took to their own front yards to entertain their neighbors. Two Greater Cleveland entertainers turned the quarantine gigs into regular performances.
Business Unusual: Local manufacturers adapt, preserve jobs, and carry on during pandemic
When the coronavirus brought everyday life to a screeching halt and area hospitals worried they would run out of PPE, several Northeast Ohio manufacturers and other businesses stepped up to adapt their processes, save jobs, and make what was needed.
Cleveland Metroparks flaunts its assets with national recognition
The Cleveland Metroparks wins awards for its design of the Valley Parkway Connector Trail and for its annual First People Day, while COO Joe Roszak is named president of the board of directors of the National Association of County Park and Recreation Officials.
Building hope: Suburban construction projects press on despite virus
While some construction projects have been put on hold during the coronavirus pandemic, large projects in Cleveland Heights and Maple Heights are forging ahead at full steam—creating jobs and positive economic development in Cleveland's inner rings suburbs.
Childhood education specialist opens school to help preschoolers on the autism spectrum thrive
Jacklynn Bosley has created a preschool where kids on the autism spectrum can get the early intervention they need for a successful start to their education paths.
South Euclid’s own Nathanael Honvou takes home American Ninja Warrior Junior title
Nathanael Honvou may be just 10 years old, but his competitive spirit is fierce. So fierce, that it earned him the title of American Ninja Warrior Junior last week.
A ninja in Cleveland: 10-year-old athlete makes it to American Ninja Warrior Junior finals
A record holder for his running speed and abilities on a pogo stick, 10-year-old South Euclid resident Nathanael Honvou will compete in the finals during Friday's American Ninja Warrior Junior competition.
Comeback kids: Local retailers prepare to reopen amid coronavirus concerns
Even though Ohio's stay-at-home order is lifted, suburban small business owners struggle with the pros and cons of re-opening and keeping their customers safe.